Introducing Kids This Way and Family Fitness Classes!

Family Friendly Fitness

One of the most important aspects of raising children is health and physical fitness. Because of schools cutting recreational activities, recess, and physical education, our children get less physical activity than ever before. Add in the many ways to watch tv, play video games, and stare at a computer and before you know it there is a weight and/or a strength deficit. We provide organized yet fun fitness classes that prepare your child for sports, general health, and to build self-esteem.

Girls Hanging Upside Down Youth Fitness Class Young Girl Weight Lifting
Kids Outside of Gym Young Man After Workout

A common misconception about what we and other gyms do is that weightlifting is dangerous for children. There was a long-standing myth that lifting weights stunts their growth which was never clinically proven.  In fact, exercising with resistance (weights) has been proven (by numerous studies) to enhance their gross motor skills, coordination, and actually help grow their muscles and bones stronger than those who do not exercise. The truth of the matter is that kids just need to go out and play. (Adults should too!) 

At Fit This Way we center our kid's workouts around a safe and fun yet challenging workout routine. The basics of strength are taught with lightweight and the focus being on perfect technique. We also like to go out and play. Slacklining, kickball, and ultimate frisbee are just some of the many activities we enjoy. This is all inclusive meaning whether your child is a soccer star or just needs to move around our classes will cater towards that goal!

"My two boys LOVE Fit This Way's kids' class! My boys (ages 7 and 11) had never done any lifting before and thanks to Andrew's instruction, both now love lifting - particularly farmer's walks and deadlifts. Andrew worked hard to make the classes fun and always adapts to the skill level of the class depending on the participants. Highly recommended."

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