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If you are looking a personal trainer you should give Andrew and his trainers at "Fit This Way" a try. As a personal trainer Andrew is very dedicated, knowledgeable and flexible. No matter what the client's ability is, he is able to design a workout that is challenging and fun. I am one of those difficult clients that needs can change in the middle of a workout and he can readily adapt. Andrew is a wonderful trainer and it's worth giving him a try.

To Andrew:
I have always been one of those guys that thinks they know what they are doing in the gym. I thought I knew it all until the results were not there anymore. It took me one visit with Andrew at Fit This Way to show that I was missing out for a long time on effective training. Andrew and his trainers proved their knowledge and experience right from the start and I have not looked back. I have more muscle and look leaner than I ever did. Plus, my wife loves it! My golf game and overall stamina is dramatically better. Stop wasting your time doing it alone and hire Fit This Way to be your personal trainer.
Jason P.

Jen S. - Weight Loss Programs

To Andrew, Small group training with Andrew is motivating, challenging, fun and the results are amazing. Andrew is thoughtful about his workouts and he is able to modify them for each member of the group so that everyone is working at the level that is most effective. What I especially like about Andrew is that he truly cares about each of his clients and their health.

Jen S.

Leah - Testimonial

To Andrew,
The swimmer and tennis body of my youth gave way to three children, a few years and putting family and friends before myself.  As an insulin dependent diabetic my struggle to regain my body was exacerbated and I was unable to do it on my own.  Fit This Way provided me with the plan and the proper motivation to meet and exceed goals I was not sure I could have dreamed of.

Andrew developed an achievable personal program for me which has helped to better regulate my blood glucose numbers, take off the pounds and inches, and have the energy to keep up with the kids.  After so many years of trying to exercise on my own I wish I could go back and tell the old me to go see the trainers at Fit This Way today.

Leah T.

To Whom It May Concern:
For the past two years Andrew Clauser has been my personal trainer.  In this time he has shown both his knowledge of fitness and nutrition and his dedication to clients. Andrew progressively increases the difficulty of my workouts based on my ability and goals and continues to vary the exercises.  He has extended beyond his requirements as a trainer to advise me in healthy eating habits and additional workout routines to utilize on my own.   Over the past two years I have seen an improvement in my health and appearance to which I credit Andrew’s professional yet approachable personality and commitment to my overall well-being. 

Alene P.

Dear Andrew,
What I can say is this: At Fit This Way you never get the same workout again and that is what keeps my interest and keeps me coming back. The workouts are not easy but you get results. Andrew knows his stuff!!
Christine B.

To Fit This Way,
Small group training with Andrew has not only affected my physical being, it has fed my soul and spirit! After having to take off a few months off I now know I need it in my life!
Lee W.

To whom it may concern:
As a trainer, Andrew is unique in that he meets each client where they are in their journey to become healthy, fit, and toned.  He challenges me to go outside my comfort zone and push my body to new heights, but he does so with a positive attitude and encouragement.  After each workout with Andrew, I am truly amazed at what was accomplished in an hour.   Every session is designed differently so there is no room for boredom or complacency.  In addition, Andrew appeals to my mind by sharing nutritional tips, advice on healthier living, and small changes to improve overall well-being. Andrew somehow manages to make every personal training session fun, challenging, and sweaty!

Mollie M.

Eoin B.

To Fit This Way,
When I started working with Andrew I was in good shape and an active, though aging, rugby player. Andrew was able to take my fitness to a much higher level, open me up to new ways to keep workouts fresh, and dramatically increase my strength. When trying to pick up Olympic and power lifting techniques Andrew has been invaluable, not only in helping improve my form, but also, in structuring workouts (both with him and without) far more intelligently than I ever could have myself.  Over the course of a long rugby career I've had the opportunity to work with some great high performance trainers and I would put Andrew at the top of that class.

Eoin B.

Derial Sanders - Holding Weights

Why I go to Fit This Way,
At 73, I didn't want to be sedentary, stiff and limited in my activities. That's the reason I'm working out at 'Fit this Way' with Andrew. I am able to hike and hunt all over the U.S., cycle frequently, and play golf on a weekly basis (I’ve noticed a dramatic improvement in my game). This is all happening while I still work full time and do extensive traveling. My strength and energy levels remain constant enabling me to achieve and maintain the ability to do the things I enjoy. I found the key is committing to a regular schedule and following through on my appointments regularly in order to maintain fitness levels. I have been doing this overall for the past 13 years and for the past two plus years with Andrew. He continually motivates me to improve my strength and stamina while focusing on an exercise regimen that eliminates muscle stress and injury.

Derial Sanders
Chester Springs, Pa

Andrew is dedicated and knowledgeable in his role as Personal Trainer. He designs workouts that are challenging, diverse, and fun all at once. I appreciate that he encourages and even pushes me at times when I feel like I can't do any more. I'm getting stronger every week and feeling healthier every day. My results are ongoing because I never do the same routine over and over. If you're considering a personal trainer, give Andrew and Fit This Way a try!
Ronnie C.

I never believed I could be in shape and lose weight (25 lbs. to date) while having so much fun. Andrew changed my life. He supported my efforts and encouraged me every step of every workout. I recommend Andrew and Fit this Way to anyone who is looking to get fit. He is truly the best!
Rose D.

Great place to get fit! Andrew is a dedicated, energetic trainer who will bring out the best in you!
Maryann M.