Meet Andrew Clauser, Owner/President

Andrew Clauser is the owner and president of Fit This Way LLC. Fit This Way began in November of 2014 with the goal and dream of being the premier personal training studio in Chester County. Andrew’s passion for fitness began all the way back in high school where he was an avid weightlifter and competitor in local meets. He played football for Holy Name High School in Reading and basketball for his local church parish. He then graduated from West Chester University with a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology/Exercise Science in 2006. After graduation, he started his career in fitness down south in Atlanta working as a trainer at a Fitness Together franchise. This is where the foundation of his knowledge and expertise in fitness began.
Andrew then moved back north and served as a trainer at Premier Personal Training in West Chester. After that, he landed a position at Fitness Together in Chester Springs where he learned how to manage a fitness facility. Two years ago he graduated with a Master’s Degree in Sport and Exercise Management from West Chester University to further his knowledge of Exercise Science.

Andrew with Family

“Fit This Way is a culmination of the hard work and dedication to my craft and most importantly, the loyal support of my clients. Without my clients I wouldn’t be able to achieve this dream. For me, fitness is not a destination or a terminal status, it is a way of life. My goal for my clients is to establish a lifelong appreciation for health and fitness. I do not believe in quick fixes like so many other professionals do. Fitness is for life. Fitness is infinite. Fitness has no boundaries. There are always goals to achieve. I do not expect everyone to love fitness, but rather, have an understanding of the importance of prioritizing health and fitness in one’s life. When one is exercising, the quality of life improves dramatically and sharing that awesome feeling with as many people as possible is why I chose this profession. Are you ready for an amazing journey? If so, then I cannot wait to share that journey with you. Cheers to your health!”