In-home Training

In-Home Training 

Available in the Chester Springs, Exton, and Downingtown Areas

Also serving the Wyomissing area!

In-home training is a unique service where a trainer comes to your home and conducts a customized workout. This is a service for people who prefer the comfort of their own home to that of going to a gym. There is no need to buy and supply equipment. We will work with your equipment and/or our own. Whatever gets the job done! We are respectful, clean, courteous, and we come at your convenience. The head trainer, Andrew, has been doing home visits for 10+ years. References are available from previous clients if needed. Call now to schedule a free trial visit at your home.

Please read my protocol for home training!

Home training is very different then going to a gym and here are some recommendations to make it successful: 

  1. Space- An ideal workout area consists of a somewhat wide open space free of furniture. Ideally, this will best in a basement, garage, or an unused room of the house. During the warmer months, we can even work outside on a driveway or at a park. My first suggestion will be to use your basement. There is likely to be more space there, equipment can be hidden better, and is safer for your family (Germs). If you are concerned about safety, then a garage that is open will work as well. That is up to you. Non-carpeted flooring is ideal for ease of cleaning. When I come to visit your home, I will observe and plan out your workspace, specifically, looking into these factors and offering suggestions for improvements. We can also explore potential outfitting and construction of a gym, if desired.
  1. Rates: Expect a $3 - $5 per session increase compared to visiting a gym. This will depend on location and timing. 
  2. Scheduling- Ideally, I will try to create a schedule that is consistent but please be flexible in case that is not possible especially during peak hours. I will appreciate some flexibility as to accommodate travel from house to house as well. 
  3. Covid Safety- For some of you, this may be one of your biggest concerns, but I want to reassure you that I will take more precautions than ever. I am fully vaccinated but I do not mind wearing a face mask if you desire that when coming into your home. I appreciate the same on your end but I don't require that. Lastly and obviously, I will not come in if feeling sick in any way. Likewise, please cancel if you or anyone in your household is not feeling well. 
  4. When I complete my initial visit,  I will create a direct travel line to and from your workout area. If you prefer an alternative entry (not main/front door), I will be happy to oblige. I ask that you do provide disinfectant spray and/or wipes for the workout area. I will also help clean your area at the end of every session. 
  5. Music- Feel free to pump your favorite music! I will always have a portable speaker on hand, if you prefer. The JBL bluetooth speaker is great product, if you want your own music. 
  6. Critters- You know how I love cats and dogs, but it is better if they are not in your workout area during a session. Also, if Fido is not a fan of visitors please consider that when I visit. I will bring treats otherwise!
  7. Your Trainer- I know you all know me and trust me but if peace of mind is needed I am up to date on FBI background checks, PA Child Abuse Clearance etc. I am also self insured as a business owner. This may sound odd but I have no intention of using anyone’s bathroom unless an emergency. The less you have to clean up after me the better! If you have any other questions or concerns for me, I will not be offended by anything you ask. I want everyone to be confident and stress free with this service. 
  8. The following are pieces of equipment I highly suggest you purchase if you do not currently own. I will so

  1. Floor mat for core and stretching ( and
  2. A flat or adjustable bench
  3. Your own kettlebell and or dumbbell set. (I will have some as well but in case you do virtual training you will need these pieces)
  4. Slam balls- same as above
  5. Your own PVC pipes or heavy bands
  6. At least one piece of cardio equipment. This can be arranged with what I own or I can assist in purchasing something that suits you and your space. This isn’t mandatory but ideal for off day workouts and warming up.
  7. Jump rope (if you don’t currently jump rope with me than disregard this)
  8. Horse stall mats like what is in the gym. This isn’t mandatory but if you prefer to not have your floors potentially damaged or concrete flooring is too uncomfortable these are a good idea. I plan on selling what I have.