These are the most common questions trainers face but feel free to contact us with any specific questions pertaining to exercise and your fitness regimen.

1. I have a lot of physical issues, and I am 65. Can I exercise?

Yes, and you should with proper supervision and expertise. There is no age limit to exercise. Age is just a number not a state of health. With that said, seniors (for argument's sake 65+) can make significant improvements to their health namely, bone and joint health as well as improve balance and stability.

2. Is resistance training right for me?

It is right and necessary for everybody! Resistance training improves muscle tone, elasticity, and mobility which allows for better movement in your everyday tasks. Most notably, having strong muscle tissue decreases body fat percentage and maintains a leaner figure.

3. Is weight training dangerous?

It is less dangerous than running. Long story there but exercise is only dangerous when you are doing it alone. 90% of common injuries (and even fatalities) happen when people exercise by themselves. A trainer is there to provide proper instruction and monitoring when performing lifts or movements. An effective trainer eliminates a significant amount of risk to your health.

4. How much weight will I lose if I hire a trainer?

Sorry for the vague answer but it depends on many factors: LIfestyle changes/habit improvement, homework, nutrition, patience, and hard work.

Safe weight loss is usually between 1-3 lbs per week. At Fit This Way, however, we focus on fat loss, not weight loss. We focus on slimmer waistlines, lower visceral fat, stronger muscles, and improved mobility. A scale can never tell that.

5. Are trainers expensive? How much does this cost?

Mercedes Benz is expensive but is it a good car?  A trip to Figi for vacation is expensive but is it a beautiful place? One's view of "expensive" varies. What is and what is not expensive is a matter of opinion.  Is training expensive? No, it is not, considering what the alternative is. The alternative is medical expenses due to chronic disease and physical impairment. The alternative is not being able to walk because of knee or hip pain. The alternative is spending money on diet plans, equipment, and gym memberships and getting no results. Believe me when I say this: Those who experience weight loss, improved health, and a more attractive appearance (based on compliments from others) will never say a trainer is too expensive!

6. Is there a financial investment to this?

You bet and it only holds you accountable.